Accepting projects for q4 2023

Webflow Expertise at Your Fingertips.

Consider a retainer as having exclusive access to a personal team of Webflow designers and developers available at a moment's notice, ready to swoop in and provide exceptional support whenever you need it most.

CLients that trust us

We keep it simple.
Transparent pricing.

/ month
7 days/month
The focus would be on small essential tasks, making sure everything is working smoothly.
Dedicated Webflow Expert
Time tracking
Carry over unused hours
Monthly Task-sheets
1 update call per week
/ month
15 days/month
Include design and development services, as well as monthly check-ins and quick communication.
All from Basic Plan
High priority technical support
Site restructuring and cleanup
Creating new pages
2 update calls per week

The benefits of
working with us.

Plan Flexibility

Should you require additional work, we are happy to upgrade your plan. You also have the freedom to cancel at any time without any inquiries or complications.

Carry Overs

We offer the flexibility to extend deadlines and accommodate busy periods, ensuring that no unused time goes to waste. Unused time will be carried forward and made available for future projects.

Fixed Monthly Rate

Our monthly cost remains unchanged, providing you with cost stability and predictability, regardless of whether hours are carried forward or rolled back.

Priority Work

Throughout the retainer period, we allocate dedicated time exclusively for your project, eliminating any concerns about capacity and scheduling in advance.

Slack Channel

We create a dedicated Slack channel for fast and efficient communication. If you have questions, need help or discovered a bug, we are always available.


At the end of each month, we provide a detailed summary showcasing number of hours utilised for each task.

Choose a plan
that works for you!

Scope of work



Creating new pages & sections
Dedicated Webflow Expert
Time tracking
Carry over unused hours
Monthly task-sheet
Daily Slack communication
High priority support
Webflow training & tutorials
Design work
Website restructuring and cleanup
Update calls
Slack only
2 per month

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Why ViDesigns?

We are one of the handful of agencies in the world that handle design, development, and code. Our end-to-end approach leads to visually stunning Webflow sites that are well-built and integrate custom code solutions seamlessly.

World-class quality.

We are seasoned experts. With over 3 years of exponential growth, we have successfully delivered hundreds of Webflow projects, showcasing our unwavering expertise.

3 years of success.

Having successfully completed hundreds of projects and experienced continuous business growth for three years, our expertise speaks for itself.

We get it done.

We always get the job done! No excuses, no whining, no bs. No requirement is too big or too small for us. We just do it!

Our Clientele

Startups to renowned global brands.

Precise, fast, communicative, no-fuss, generous, and trustworthy. Never had an issue and have come back to the team time and time again for more and more work. If you use another dev agency, you're just going to pay more for far less. It doesn't get better than this.

Maximillian S

Founder , ChaChing

Working with ViDesigns has been an exceptional experience from start to finish. Their dedication, expertise, and swift execution in developing our website left me thoroughly impressed. The seamless communication and willingness to go the extra mile demonstrated their commitment to delivering excellence. Overall, my experience with ViDesigns has been nothing short of outstanding.

Latika Pathela

Head of Marketing, LIS

ViDesigns is highly creative, diligent in research, and provides excellent suggestions. Their skillful use of language and placeholders has greatly benefited our collaborative sessions. We have accomplished much and thoroughly enjoyed our real-time suggest-and-edit sessions. ViDesigns' flexibility and adaptability have resulted in impressive productivity within tight time frames and with exceptional quality.

Laura Lewis

Programme Director, Ellison Scholars

ViDesigns were the perfect partner for us to work with. We had in-house design and copy capabilities but we needed a Webflow Expert to come in and bring our ideas to life. Vimalan and his team were able to take all our ideas on board and quickly iterate on any changes we requested to make the site everything we wanted!

Edward Anders

Founder’s Associate, Compose

Our team had a great experience working with Vimalan and the ViDesigns team. They delivered exactly what we were looking for very quickly and smoothly. We ended up making a lot of changes to our design and they navigated that with ease. In the end we were very happy and would recommend them to anyone for their next project.

Mitchell Hart

Digital Product Designer, Tripnotes

I highly recommend working with ViDesigns. The process was hugely collaborative and made the project a joy to work on. Their understanding of Webflow is second to none and he always finds ways to solve challenges through creative design. They are organised, calm and diligent in their work, and will go above and beyond to deliver.

Beth Kojder

Head of Project Management, Tony Blair Institute