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the UK's leading Webflow Agency.

Established in 2021, ViDesigns has quickly grown into a team of 10 and is the UK's leading Webflow agency. We have completed over 200+ Webflow projects for startups & enterprise clients.

Videsigns as an agency

In three years, we have successfully completed over 200 Webflow projects, partnering with top global brands such as the RedBull, Tony Blair Institute, London Interdisciplinary School, Compose, Ellison Institute, ChaChing, Thrive Learning and many others.

In 2022 we have expanded our horizons by venturing into product development. We build powerful no-code solutions to allow developers to do more on Webflow.

Formly, our first product, is the most powerful multistep form solution for Webflow with over 2,000,000 unique loads each month.

Since then, we have successfully launched four more products with over 25,000 active monthly users.

Our projects

We create world-class Webflow sites

ViDesigns invests in Webflow and the community by developing useful no-code products that help designers and developers to do more with Webflow.

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We developed a highly interactive and complex web experience using Webflow, integrating Lottie animations and Webflow interactions for text animations, all crafted in-house to create an award winning site.

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We worked closely with Chaching to develop their new website on Webflow, incorporating a custom JavaScript calculator, slick interactions, and Lottie animation.

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A (very) brief history of time.

Through the year's best moments.

June 2020

Vimalan discovered Webflow while in his final year of university.

Sept 2021

ViDesigns launches a one man Webflow agency.

Oct 2021

ViDesigns officially becomes a Webflow Expert partner.

Jan 2022

Vimalan decided to take ViDesigns full time and scale it to be the best Webflow agnecy.

July 2022

ViDesigns onboards its first full-time employee, Ezly.

Oct 2022

We launched Formly, a free multistep form solution for Webflow.

Oct 2022

Collectively worked on over 100+ Webflow projects

MAy 2023

Chrome Extension

Aug 2023

Enterprise Partner

Sept 2023


2022-23 business year

Second Year Recap 🚀

true Webflow leaders

We build badass Webflow products

ViDesigns invests in Webflow and the community by developing useful no-code products that help designers and developers to do more with Webflow.

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1.85 million unique monthly loads


Powerful multistep form library for Webflow to create multistep forms with no-code.

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250,000 unique monthly loads


A lightweight video player library for Webflow that works with HTML, Youtube & Vimeo videos.

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The people

Our Team

A group of world-class Webflow developers, technical developers and designers.

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Join us to make magic on Webflow.

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Our Mission

We create Webflow sites that are on their league of their own for ambitious startups and enterprises.

Our Values

1. Clients always come first.

2. Get it done. No excuses.

3. Stay humble yet be confident.

Our Vision

To be the leading Webflow agency with great people, clients & products.