A Component Library that is Uniquely Yours

The VDS Chrome Extension streamlines your Webflow development workflow by enabling you to create a cross-project library of layouts and access them directly within the Webflow Designer.

custom made

Made by you.
Made for you.

Speed up your web development on Webflow with a component library that you can easily add directly from the Designer. Say goodbye to wasted time searching for that component you created ages ago.


Easy to share.
Easy to collab.

Easily share components with your clients, team, and the Webflow community with just a single click.


Find components.
Find it quick.

Quickly search through components and find exactly what you're looking for within seconds.

Code Snippets

Save snippets.

Seamlessly save helpful code snippets directly within the Designer for easy access.

No signup. No BS.
100% Free to Use.

The VDS Extension is free to use.
Simply download the extension and start working right away!

ADd extension to chrome

How it works?
It's quite simple.

Local Storage
We use the browser's local storage to store your Webflow component, including the thumbnail image link and component name.
Simply upload a screenshot of your component to the Webflow asset panel and use the provided link.
Share it
Effortlessly share your components with clients, team, or the vibrant Webflow community.
Upload any component JSON to the extension and start building on Webflow in seconds.

Start simplifying your Webflow workflow today!

Try it now — it's free

Feature Roadmap.
We have ideas.

Code snippets.

Seamlessly save helpful code snippets directly within the Designer for easy access.


Create folders.

Create organised component folders for better management.


Backup components

Automatically or manually backup your components to avoid losing them if something goes wrong.


Link component to code.

Link code directly to components that require it, enabling one-click access to both the component and code,

Cloud storage and sync.

Utilise cloud storage to store components and enable effortless sharing and seamless collaboration among team members.

Suggest features.

We are open to ideas from the community to make this extension more useful.

You have questions.
We have answers.

Do you collect, store or sell my data?

Nope. We do not collect and send any data to any cloud servers or monitor your activity. All data is stored locally on your device and is never sent to us.

Do I need to sign up to use it?

Nope. Just download it from the Chrome Web Store and get to work.

Where do I seek support?

You can reach out to use via email at [email protected] or join our Slack community for a faster response.

Does it retain my Webflow interactions?

Yes, everything you paste into the extension will be stored, including interactions and HTML embeds.

What are some usecases?
  1. Create your own component library to help you build faster on Webflow.
  2. Store frequently used components and access them from any project.
  3. Create component files for your clients and upsell it to them. They can create new pages or add new sections with ease.
Can I store Webflow Components on this?

Yes you can. Webflow Components (prev called Symbols) can be stored just like any other element.

Does it keep my components when I close my browser?

Yes it does. Your components are stored in your browser's local storage. The data does not expire. It remains after a browser restart and even OS reboot.

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