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ViDesigns is the leading Webflow agency and product studio based in the UK that designs, develops and delivers innovative websites for ambitious companies.

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Our Work

World-class sites.
Made in Webflow.

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Tony Blair Institute


We partnered once again with the Tony Blair Institute to build their new website on Webflow.

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We worked closely with the amazing team at Compose to bring their super beautiful site to life on Webflow!

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Sage Earth


As Spherics rebranded to Sage Earth, we collaborated with them to migrate their Webflow website to align with Sage's branding.

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We partnered with Tripnotes to create a captivating and interactive landing page using Webflow!

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Formly is a powerful multistep form library made for Webflow that allows you create fully customisable multistep forms with nocode.

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Esenda is a SaaS platform that allows schools to manage school fee collections securely. We collaborated with Shoreditch Design Studio to develop Esenda's new website on Webflow.

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PolyGo is the UK's first talent accelerator. We partnered with PolyGo to design and develop their new website on Webflow.

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Tony Blair Institute


We had an incredible opportunity to work with the Tony Blair Institute on developing a website for the Future of Britain conference that was held on the 30th of June.

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Don’t take our word. Trust our customers.

ViDesigns were the perfect partner for us to work with. We had in-house design and copy capabilities but we needed a Webflow Expert to come in and bring our ideas to life. Vimalan and his team were able to take all our ideas on board and quickly iterate on any changes we requested to make the site everything we wanted!

Edward Anders

Founder’s Associate, Compose

Our team had a great experience working with Vimalan and the ViDesigns team. They delivered exactly what we were looking for very quickly and smoothly. We ended up making a lot of changes to our design and they navigated that with ease. In the end we were very happy and would recommend them to anyone for their next project.

Mitchell Hart

Digital Product Designer, Tripnotes

I highly recommend working with ViDesigns. The process was hugely collaborative and made the project a joy to work on. Their understanding of Webflow is second to none and he always finds ways to solve challenges through creative design. They are organised, calm and diligent in their work, and will go above and beyond to deliver.

Beth Kojder

Head of Project Management, Tony Blair Institute

Vimalan and his team at ViDesigns did a fantastic job bringing our new marketing site to life in Webflow. Couldn't recommend highly enough, great to work with, super responsive and very fairly priced!

Chris Cater

CEO, Fable Homes

ViDesigns were a great find and I consider ourselves lucky to have found someone who was responsive, but also intelligent enough to create a wonderful UI/UX designs for our web. He was easy to work with, efficient and delivered well within the timeframe. True Gem! Will be working with Vimalan on new projects.

Chirag Gir

CEO, Mi Amor Hub Ltd

Incredibly impressed with ViDesigns from the get go. They quickly understood our requirements and got to work converting our Figma designs into a slick, complex, no-code web app on Webflow with multiple levels of filtering, and their knowledge of Airtable was crucial in helping setup the architecture of our database which contained 1000’s of items. I highly recommend ViDesigns.

Chainlink Ecosystem

Our services

Design. Webflow. Code. No-Code.

We are one of the handful of agencies in the world that handle design, development, and code. Our end-to-end approach leads to visually stunning Webflow sites that are well-built and integrate custom code solutions seamlessly.

Design + Development

Our end-to-end approach to design and development allows us to cut out the designer-developer handoff and significantly cut down on production time & cost.

Webflow Development

Provide us with a Figma/design file, and we will bring it to life on Webflow. All sites are well structured, SEO optimised and made to enterprise standards.

Code & No-code Development

Our talented in-house Javascript developers can integrate your Webflow sites to Airtable, external databases, Hubspot, Salesforce or any custom APIs.
Our Clientele

We work with startups and global brands.

WEbflow products

Powerful products.
Made in-house.

In 2022, we ventured into developing products for the Webflow community. We design and build no-code tools and products that allow developers to add technical functionalities to Webflow.

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Seek support, vote on new features, stay updated and network with other community members.

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we have answers.

Sometimes we don't, but we will search for it everywhere, even if it means we have to go to page 2 on Google... Anything for you.

How big is your team?

A small yet potent team of 7!

1 designer, 4 Webflow developers and 2 Js developers.

We also have a roster of freelancers that help us with 3D animations, 2D illustrations, branding and logos.

Do you work with {insert niche} companies?

We work with all companies. Our niche is Webflow, and we are world-class experts in translating your design from Figma to Webflow.

Do you provide white labeled services?

Yes we do it on request.

Please get in touch with us and we will make it happen

Do you work with other agencies?

Yes, we do!

We have ongoing partnerships with design agencies in the UK and USA for Webflow development.

We also offer partner prices & discounts to our long-term partners.

Get in touch if you would like to be a partner.

Where is your Webflow Agency based?

London! The city of tubes 🚇

Do you offer maintenance packages?

Yes, we do! 

Check out our maintenance packages here.

Do you work with WordPress, Wix, Squarespace?

Nope. We have fully transitioned into a Webflow exclusive agency. We are Webflow masters and we know how to design and build amazing websites using Webflow.

We can migrate your existing website from any platform to Webflow!*

*Given that it is the best option for you and doesn't compromise any features or plugins that you need or have on your existing site. Please reach out if you need more questions regarding migrations.

Do you work with Webflow templates?

No. We prefer to build all websites from scratch. It is actually faster for us to develop, easier to maintain and keeps the website lightweight.

What is your handover process like?

We onboard our clients into Webflow, train them to use the Editor and maintain their website easily. Either by using Loom videos that go through how to use Webflow Editor or a live hands-on session, we ensure our clients are able to maintain their websites with ease.

What is Webflow?

Webflow is a powerful visual front-end development tool that allows websites to be created from scratch.

It writes SEO friendly clean code and allows custom code to be added.

This is by far the most versatile website dev tool and has been growing exponentially.

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