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We had an incredible opportunity to work with the Tony Blair Institute on developing a website for the Future of Britain conference that was held on the 30th of June 2022.

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About Client

The London Interdisciplinary School (LIS) is a pioneering educational institution located in London. Emphasising an interdisciplinary approach, LIS offers unique Bachelor's and Master's programs that blend arts, sciences, and humanities to address complex global challenges. Recognised by the Office for Students, it's the first institution in over half a century to commence with its own degree-awarding powers. With a motto of "Shape the world. Don't just fit in," LIS encourages students to think beyond traditional boundaries and collaboratively tackle real-world problems.


  • Bring control of the website in-house on a platform that enables the team to be self-served
  • Enable LIS to be able to experiment with new products and approaches quickly
  • Showcases LIS faculty, students and student life, demonstrates thought leadership, and improve SEO by building a footprint of content
  • Broaden the appeal to both potential undergraduates (Gen Z) and professionals (25-45)
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Why Us

ViDesigns transformed the brand of LIS by creating a fast and intuitive website.

The Before and After

Before Webflow
  • LIS marketing team could not add new pages, edit copy or images and costed
  • Lack of control on the website. Had to rely on an agency all the time.
  • Website was slow, required a ton of plugins and would break often.
  • Website was not speaking to their target audience.
After Webflow
  • Webflow helped the LIS team take full control over their website and speed-up their marketing process.
  • Components library for the marketing team to add new pages and sections easily.
  • Webflow training & support allow LIS marketing team to be self-sufficient but have an expert agency as a fail-safe


What we did for LIS
Webflow Development
LIS provided our team with a Figma design, which we skillfully translated into a dynamic website using Webflow. Employing a clean and modular structure, we meticulously crafted each component to ensure not only a visually appealing design but also a highly functional one.

This modular approach empowers us to seamlessly reuse sections across the entire website, maintaining a consistent and polished appearance. Furthermore, it provides the LIS marketing team with the flexibility to mix and match these sections effortlessly, simplifying the process of creating new pages with precision and efficiency
The homepage features a captivating custom Lottie animation, meticulously crafted in-house. Lottie animations are lightweight, scalable animations that enhance user engagement and are easily integrated into web projects.

This animation not only adds visual dynamism and intrigue to the homepage but also serves as a powerful tool for conveying the concept of 'interdisciplinary' in a seamless and engaging manner. As the saying goes, 'a picture speaks a thousand words,' and in this case, our Lottie animation effortlessly communicates the essence of interdisciplinary work.
Webflow Training
We didn't just hand over a new website to LIS and disappear. Instead, we took a collaborative approach by providing extensive training and ongoing support to their team over a period of six months. This comprehensive training ensured that they gained the expertise required to confidently edit the website, modify content, and seamlessly incorporate new CMS items, such as blogs and additional pages.

Our commitment to empowering the LIS marketing team with these skills has proven immensely valuable. It enables them to work swiftly and efficiently without the fear of inadvertently causing disruptions to the site— an essential element for any educational institution's online presence.
Responsive & CMS-driven Team Network Illustration
We partnered with LIS to develop their new website on Webflow and seamlessly migrated it from WordPress, ensuring a smooth transition.
Mega Dropdown Menu
We partnered with LIS to develop their new website on Webflow and seamlessly migrated it from WordPress, ensuring a smooth transition.
Beautiful Lottie Animations
We partnered with LIS to develop their new website on Webflow and seamlessly migrated it from WordPress, ensuring a smooth transition.


As a trusted partner, LIS approached us with their vision for a new website. Leveraging the Figma design they provided, we harnessed our expertise to craft a modular, component-driven website on Webflow.

This approach ensured a unified and visually appealing web presence while granting the LIS marketing team the flexibility to create and customise new pages effortlessly.

To enrich their online experience, we designed a bespoke in-house Lottie animation that adds an engaging visual element and vividly conveys the essence of 'interdisciplinary.' Our commitment extended beyond the website launch, encompassing six months of comprehensive training and support.

This investment empowered the LIS team to confidently manage and enhance their content, allowing them to navigate the dynamic world of education without compromising website integrity.
Successful Wordpress Migration
Unique Website Design
Fast Performance
Custom Animations
Latika Pathela
Head of Marketing, LIS
“Working with ViDesigns has been an exceptional experience from start to finish. Their dedication, expertise, and swift execution in developing our website left me thoroughly impressed. The seamless communication and willingness to go the extra mile demonstrated their commitment to delivering excellence. Overall, my experience with ViDesigns has been nothing short of outstanding.”