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Your AI companion, built into webflow.

Flowpilot is your OpenAI powered Webflow copilot that helps you write custom code right within the Designer!

Made for Webflow

Inside Webflow.
Fast & Seamless.

No more juggling between Webflow and ChatGPT or other AI tools. Get all your code right within the Designer.

custom profiles

Code Profiles.

Preset code profiles help you always get the code you want without repeating context to Flowpilot. Just select what type of code you want and start typing, Flowpilot will get you!

Lifetime use

Pay Once.
Use Forever.

No monthly payments. Pay for a Flowpilot license to unlock premium features and bring your own OpenAI API key!

pay for what you use

Bring your own OpenAI API key.

Your API is safe and stored locally on your device. This is a static app, which means that it doesn't have a backend. All the data is stored in your browser's local storage.

Live Demo.
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Select a prompt

Create a timer that counts down to a date 12/12/23 and time 12am. Update it in real-time on the text element with attribute data-count=“timer”
Write a jQuery script when button with class “popup” is clicked, toggles a combo class ‘.show’ to a div with class ‘.popup-wrapper’
Create a Mapbox map that displays a marker at the coordinates (latitude: 40.7128, longitude: -74.0060) representing New York City. Customize the marker’s icon to use a blue pin and set the initial zoom level to 12.
FlowPilot by ViDesigns

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Pay Once.
Use Forever.

Free forever, always.
100 AI messages per month
Free Flowpilot License Key
Unlimited projects
Bring you own API key
GPT-3.5 Turbo Model
Selected upcoming features
Add to Webflow
Get free license key
Perfect if you use code & Webflow a lot.
Ends in
All from Free plan
Unlimited AI messages
Code Profiles
Choose GPT-3.5 or GPT-4 Models
Interact with Webflow elements
All upcoming features
Add to Webflow
Get lifetime license key

Feature Roadmap.
We have ideas.

Interact with Webflow

Select and reference Webflow elements on Flowpilot to instantly fetch their class, ID or custom attributes.


Command Line Interface

Execute commands swiftly to manage chat, tweak code output, access settings, or switch modes, all without leaving the app.


Custom Profiles

Create and store custom code profiles on Flowpilot to get specific code snippets without repeating it over and over again.


Save Chat History

Save chat history locally and access the code generated quickly.


Save Code Snippets

Store your code snippets right on Flowpilot and retrieve them when you need them again.


Copywriting Assistant

Utilise Flowpilot to effortlessly rewrite or generate content within Webflow, enhancing your site's narrative while remaining in Webflow.


You have questions.
We have answers.

Do I need a License Key and API Key?

You need both a License Key and an API Key to use the app.

License Key is used to activate the premium features of Flowpilot.

API Key refers to OpenAI ChatGPT API Key, and is used to connect to OpenAI's API to interact with the AI model.

How is my API Key kept secure?

Your API Key is stored exclusively on your local browser and is not transmitted elsewhere. This is a static app, which means that it doesn't have a backend. All requests to OpenAI's API is sent directly from your current browser (check the Network tab in your console to see it).

Are there any recurring fees post the one-time payment?

Absolutely not. Once you've made the one-time payment for the extension, you enjoy lifetime access without any additional costs.

My API key not working!

If you are seeing the "OpenAI Key Error/OpenAI Server Down" error message, make sure you have your billing information added in OpenAI Billing Page.

Additionally, ensure that you have sufficient credits in your OpenAI account. It is also important to have your billing information set up with auto-recharge enabled before creating the API key.

Do I need to pay for ChatGPT Plus ($20/month) to use this?

No! A ChatGPT Plus subscription is not needed. You just need to have an OpenAI's API Key. You will only pay for your API usage but not for ChatGPT Plus.

You can see more info on how to get one here:

The app is stuck in a loading loop!

Flowpilot uses localStorage to store your API key and Flowpilot license key. Please allow third-party cookies and ensure to not use an incognito tab as it will not let us access localStorage.

Do I need to pay OpenAI for an API key?

Yes. You need to have an OpenAI account with a card added and a valid API key to use Flowpilot. This means that you will bring your own API key and pay for what you use. We don't sell API keys.

Do I need to be familiar with OpenAI to use this tool?

No, the integration is designed to be user-friendly. Whether you're an OpenAI pro or a newbie, you can leverage Flowpilot with ease.

What's the main difference between this Webflow integration and standalone ChatGPT?

While standalone ChatGPT is a powerful chatbot capable of handling diverse queries, our Webflow integration specifically tailors the ChatGPT experience for web development tasks. It offers tools, preset code profiles, and a seamless environment that are designed to optimize your Webflow and coding process.

Will I be missing out on any ChatGPT features by using the Webflow integration?

No, the integration embeds the full capabilities of ChatGPT, but with additional tools and features optimized for Webflow. In fact, you'll benefit from extra functionalities like the code explainer and direct Webflow element interactions that are unique to this integration (coming soon).

How much will it cost me to use OpenAI API key?

This really depends on how much you use but you can expect to pay around US$2 - US$5 per month.

In general, the cost will be much lesser than a ChatGPT Plus subscription.

Again, this is an estimate based on our usage. Your milage will vary.

You can calculate and estimate cost here.

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