A Year —

2021 is our first official year in business! It was a year of learning and opportunities.
Here is a quick recap of our biggest wins and highlights of the year as a Webflow Agency!

In Review

Its rewind time

Jan 2021
Landed our first project of the year.
Off to a great start!
Apr 2021
Closed 2 massive projects with a $20 million funded start-up in London
Sept 2021
ViDesigns is officially a limited company!! We're legit now!
21 Oct 2021
FINALLY a Webflow Expert!! After 1.5 years with over 60+ Webflow projects!
Dec 2021
Closing the year with 4X sales from 2020 and added 2 new team members!
Feb 2021
3 simultaneous projects while finishing up final year at university...
May 2021
We built a HUGE webapp for an office listing start-up using just no-code tools!
20 Oct 2021
Finally graduated! 4 years went by too fast and too slow at the same time.
Nov 2021
We had our FIRST ever 5-figure month & 6 simultaneous projects! 


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